Day Date Home team Score/Time Away team  
Wed 08/01/20 Barbados 1 - 4 Canada View events More info
Sat 11/01/20 Barbados 1 - 4 Canada View events More info
Thu 16/01/20 Iceland 1 - 0 Canada View events More info
Mon 20/01/20 Iceland 1 - 0 El Salvador View events More info
Sat 01/02/20 United States 1 - 0 Costa Rica View events More info
Wed 26/02/20 Bulgaria 0 - 1 Belarus View events More info
Thu 26/03/20 Croatia CANC Switzerland More info
Thu 26/03/20 Spain CANC Germany More info
Fri 27/03/20 Mexico CANC Czech Republic More info
Fri 27/03/20 Greece CANC Costa Rica More info
Fri 27/03/20 Denmark CANC Faroe Islands More info
Fri 27/03/20 Belgium CANC Portugal More info
Fri 27/03/20 Slovenia CANC Turkey More info
Fri 27/03/20 Poland CANC Finland More info
Fri 27/03/20 Wales CANC Austria More info
Fri 27/03/20 England CANC Italy More info
Fri 27/03/20 France CANC Ukraine More info
Sat 28/03/20 El Salvador CANC Panama More info
Sat 28/03/20 Canada CANC Trinidad and Tobago More info
Sat 28/03/20 Sweden CANC Russia More info
Sun 29/03/20 Netherlands CANC Spain More info
Sun 29/03/20 Honduras CANC Czech Republic More info
Mon 30/03/20 Mexico CANC Greece More info
Mon 30/03/20 Switzerland CANC Belgium More info
Mon 30/03/20 Portugal CANC Croatia More info
Mon 30/03/20 Austria CANC Turkey More info
Mon 30/03/20 Slovenia CANC Albania More info
Tue 31/03/20 Canada CANC Trinidad and Tobago More info
Tue 31/03/20 Moldova CANC Russia More info
Tue 31/03/20 Cyprus CANC Sweden More info
Tue 31/03/20 Germany CANC Italy More info
Tue 31/03/20 Poland CANC Ukraine More info
Tue 31/03/20 England CANC Denmark More info
Tue 31/03/20 France CANC Finland More info
Wed 01/04/20 Costa Rica CANC Panama More info
Tue 26/05/20 Ukraine CANC Cyprus More info
Tue 26/05/20 Turkey CANC Azerbaijan More info
Thu 28/05/20 Netherlands CANC Greece More info
Fri 29/05/20 Italy CANC San Marino More info
Sat 30/05/20 Mexico CANC Colombia More info
Sun 31/05/20 Slovenia CANC Portugal More info
Sun 31/05/20 Switzerland CANC Germany More info
Mon 01/06/20 Denmark CANC Norway More info
Mon 01/06/20 Croatia CANC Turkey More info
Tue 02/06/20 Ukraine CANC Northern Ireland More info
Tue 02/06/20 Austria CANC England More info
Tue 02/06/20 Poland CANC Russia More info
Wed 03/06/20 Iceland CANC Faroe Islands More info
Thu 04/06/20 Sweden CANC Finland More info
Thu 04/06/20 Switzerland CANC Liechtenstein More info
Thu 04/06/20 Italy CANC Czech Republic More info
Fri 05/06/20 Spain CANC Portugal More info
Sat 06/06/20 Russia CANC Serbia More info
Sat 06/06/20 Norway CANC Slovakia More info
Sat 06/06/20 Netherlands CANC Wales More info
Sun 07/06/20 Ukraine CANC Israel More info
Sun 07/06/20 Finland CANC Estonia More info
Sun 07/06/20 Czech Republic CANC Austria More info
Sun 07/06/20 Denmark CANC Sweden More info
Sun 07/06/20 England CANC Romania More info
Mon 08/06/20 Iran CANC Oman More info
Mon 08/06/20 France CANC Croatia More info
Tue 09/06/20 Portugal CANC Malta More info
Tue 09/06/20 Poland CANC Iceland More info


# Team MP D P
1 29 +45 82
2 28 +37 57
3 29 +30 53
4 29 +12 48
5 29 +14 45


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